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Flights to Alekseyevka. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to Alekseyevka.

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Weather in Alekseyevka, Russian Federation today

+11 ℃
Wind 6 mps ↓
Humidity 0 %
26 March
0 ℃
+2 ℃
27 March
-3 ℃
+3 ℃
28 March
+0 ℃
+4 ℃
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Useful information

country code
Russian Federation
local time
+03:00 GMT
Российский рубль

Flights to Alekseyevka. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to Alekseyevka.

Alekseyevka is a town with no airports, yet it is easy to ge there: first you reach one of larger cities with an airport in the proximity and then – Alekseyevka.


Larger cities nearby

Alekseyevka lies in the proximity of:

Voronezh — 120 km
Belgorod — 149 km
Lipetsk — 199 km
Kursk — 213 km.


Airports nearby

From the town there is a short way to:

Voronezh — 121 km
Belgorod — 144 km
Lipetsk — 230 km
Kursk — 210 km.


Flight schedule for Alekseyevka

You can't buy a flight to Alekseyevka, because there is no air terminal in the town. But there are airports listed above nearby.


Alekseyevka Hotels

On hotels.anywayanyday.com you can find the optimal hotel solution in Alekseyevka or in cities nearby: search for hotel by price, popularity, rating, accommodation type and services rendered. Also, remember that every hotel bookin on Anywayanyday gives you a 10% discount on air tickets on our website.


Look for hotels on hotels.anywayanyday.com not only in the town, but also in the entire region where Alekseyevka is located.


Alekseyevka general

Population – 39848

Latitude — 50.6309.

Longitude — 38.6903.



Alekseyevka is located in Russian Federation.


Area of Russian Federation – 17075400 square kilometers.

Population of Russian Federation – 143300000.

Population density in Russian Federation – 143300000.

Phone code of Russian Federation – 7.



Alekseyevka is located in Belgorodskaya Oblast'.