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Flights to Likino-Dulevo. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to Likino-Dulevo.

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    Weather in Likino-Dulevo, Russian Federation
    +0 ℃
    26 January
    +1 ℃
    27 January
    +0 ℃
    28 January
    +1 ℃
    29 January
    +1 ℃
    30 January
    --3 ℃

    Flights to Likino-Dulevo. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to Likino-Dulevo.

    Likino-Dulevo is a town with no airports, yet it is easy to ge there: first you reach one of larger cities with an airport in the proximity and then – Likino-Dulevo.


    Larger cities nearby

    Likino-Dulevo lies in the proximity of:

    Moscow — 83.95 km
    Ivanovo — 190.02 km
    Kaluga — 217.41 km
    Yaroslavl — 220.93 km
    Tver — 228.33 km.


    Airports nearby

    From the town there is a short way to:

    Zhukovskiy — 54.96 km
    Domodedovo — 73.94 km
    Sheremetyevo — 100.23 km
    Vnukovo — 105.05 km
    Ivanovo — 191.07 km
    Kaluga — 208.9 km
    Yaroslavl — 218.72 km
    Tver — 233.14 km.


    Flight schedule for Likino-Dulevo

    You can't buy a flight to Likino-Dulevo, because there is no air terminal in the town. But there are airports listed above nearby.


    Likino-Dulevo Hotels

    On you can find the optimal hotel solution in Likino-Dulevo or in cities nearby: search for hotel by price, popularity, rating, accommodation type and services rendered. Also, remember that every hotel bookin on Anywayanyday gives you a 10% discount on air tickets on our website.


    Look for hotels on not only in the town, but also in the entire region where Likino-Dulevo is located.


    Likino-Dulevo general

    Population – 31100

    Latitude — 55.7083.

    Longitude — 38.9542.



    Likino-Dulevo is located in Russian Federation.


    Area of Russian Federation – 17075400 square kilometers.

    Population of Russian Federation – 143300000.

    Population density in Russian Federation – 143300000.

    Phone code of Russian Federation – 7.



    Likino-Dulevo is located in Moscow Oblast.