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Flights to A Estrada. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to A Estrada.

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Weather in A Estrada, Spain today

+17 ℃
Wind 3 mps ↓
Humidity 68 %
29 March
+13 ℃
+18 ℃
30 March
+11 ℃
+19 ℃
31 March
+8 ℃
+10 ℃
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local time
+01:00 GMT

Flights to A Estrada. Compare and find the best air ticket prices to A Estrada.

A Estrada is a town with no airports, yet it is easy to ge there: first you reach one of larger cities with an airport in the proximity and then – A Estrada.


Larger cities nearby

A Estrada lies in the proximity of:

Santiago De Compostela — 22 km
Vigo — 54 km
La Coruna — 76 km.


Airports nearby

From the town there is a short way to:

Santiago — 24 km
Vigo — 53 km
La Coruna — 68 km.


Flight schedule for A Estrada

You can't buy a flight to A Estrada, because there is no air terminal in the town. But there are airports listed above nearby.


A Estrada Hotels

On hotels.anywayanyday.com you can find the optimal hotel solution in A Estrada or in cities nearby: search for hotel by price, popularity, rating, accommodation type and services rendered. Also, remember that every hotel bookin on Anywayanyday gives you a 10% discount on air tickets on our website.


Look for hotels on hotels.anywayanyday.com not only in the town, but also in the entire region where A Estrada is located.


A Estrada general

Population – 21880

Latitude — 42.68911.

Longitude — -8.48842.



A Estrada is located in Spain.


Area of Spain – 504782 square kilometers.

Population of Spain – 46073000.

Population density in Spain – 46073000.

Phone code of Spain – 34.



A Estrada is located in .