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    Weather in Cairo, Egypt
    +23 ℃
    21 October
    +31 ℃
    22 October
    +32 ℃
    23 October
    +30 ℃
    24 October
    +31 ℃
    25 October
    +30 ℃

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    Cheap flights Jakarta — Egypt (JKT — EG).

    On you can find cheap air tickets Jakarta — Egypt: Anywayanyday system compares flight options from 800 air lines and finds cheaper flights Jakarta — Egypt.

    Direct flight Jakarta — Egypt

    Direct flight is the most convenient way of travelling.  You can learn more about airlines that offer flights from Jakarta to Egypt  on this page in the corresponding section.

    Connecting flight Jakarta — Egypt

    In case it is for some reason impossible to buy a ticket for a direct flight Jakarta — Egypt there is always a second option – connecting flights. If the transfer is longer than 6 hours, the whole trip looks even more promising – you are welcome to meet new place or re-visit a city you already know.


    Don't forget – the earlier you get a ticket, the lower the price. The closer to the flight, the less friendly the fare for Jakarta — Egypt.


    Try to buy a ticket Jakarta — Egypt in advance in order to be able the best option: by price, transfers and other parameters.

    General information on Jakarta — Egypt flight

    Coordinates of Jakarta: 
    Latitude — -6.174.
    Longtitude — 106.829.

    Jakarta is located in Indonesia

    Name of the city in German: Jakarta.
    Name of the city in Ukrainian: Джакарта.
    Name of the city in English: Jakarta
    Name of the country in German: Indonesien.
    Name of the country in Ukrainian: Индонезия.
    Name of the continent in English: Asia.
    Name of the continent in German: Asien.
    Name of the continent in Ukrainian: Азія.


    Egypt in numbers

    Prepare for your stay in Egypt before buying a ticket for Джакарта — Египет: learn about the local country code, time zone and currency.

    Airports in Jakarta where flights Jakarta — Egypt take off

    Choose the suitable departure airport for a flight Jakarta — Egypt. We remind you that on you can filter flight options by departure airport. Thus, you can plan the most convenient route for flight Jakarta — Egypt.

    Airports in Egypt where flights Jakarta — Egypt land

    Choose the suitable arrival airport for a flight Jakarta — Egypt. In case you didn't know: we remind you that on you can filter flight options by arrival airport. This will allow you to choose the best possible variant of your trip for Jakarta — Egypt.

    Hotel stay in Egypt

    After you have bought a ticket Jakarta — Egypt, find yourself a nice hotel option in  Egypt on look for hotels by stars, location, services offered, TripAdvisor rating, accommodation type, payment method and other parameters.


    Compare the cheapest hotels in Egypt in the "Hotels" section on

    Special offers for flights Jakarta — Egypt

    Many air lines have regular air ticket sales for Jakarta — Egypt. Follow such special offers in our social networks. Besides, we often inform you about exclusive air fares for flight from Jakarta to Egypt on our regular e-mails.

    How to find cheap air tickets for flights Jakarta — Egypt

    In order to be able to buy cheapest air tickets for flights Jakarta — Egypt, just follow these simple recommendations.


    First, it is preferable to buy an air ticket in advance, because flights that are to happen in a couple of months are cheaper than those in a couple of days.


    Second, traveling experience of Anywayanyday clients shows that it is not the direct flights Jakarta — Egypt that are cheapest, but the connecting flights.


    Third, here is a life hack: a flight Jakarta — Egypt is significantly cheaper on Tuesday or Wednesday than on any other day of the week.


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    Six, do not forget – air fares  for Jakarta — Egypt vary significantly depending on the date, so always check the fares from Jakarta to Egypt for at least several neighboring dates.