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Flights Abakan - Phnom Penh

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  • 6 h. 26 m.
    flight duration
  • 4 827 km
    between the cities

Cheapest air tickets Abakan – Phnom Penh for the next two weeks

The air fare Abakan — Phnom Penh is to a great extent defined by time: the earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper it is. Besides, the air fare varies depending on the date. That is why it is hugely important to compare prices not only on the specific date, but on neighboring dates as well – it’s how you can find a significantly cheaper plane ticket.

Our “Price dynamics” widget helps make a detailed comparison between cheap plane tickets quickly and conveniently. Look at the air fares Abakan — Phnom Penh for the next two weeks and choose the option that fits you, in price and in time.

20 March - 3 April

Weather in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+33 ℃
20 March
+33 ℃
21 March
+31 ℃
22 March
+31 ℃
23 March
+33 ℃
24 March
+35 ℃

Low fares calendar by months, Abakan — Phnom Penh


Low fares calendar by days, Abakan — Phnom Penh

March 2018


Flights from Abakan to other cities in Cambodia

In case you have not found a suitable Abakan – Cambodia air ticket, it might be a good idea to look for a place close to your destination, and you will be able to fly to this place at first and only then – to your final destination. This is how you not only save on expenses and reach your travel goal, but also perhaps meet a new city.

If you are going on an entertainment trip, you might want to consider spending it in another city in this country – it is of particular historical and cultural interest and it offers is visitors a nicely developed infrastructure fit for comfortable traveling.

Compare fares for flights Abakan – Cambodia and other cities. Comparing such flights will let you find the cheapest flight tickets, destination Cambodia.

Airlines that offer flights from Abakan to Phnom Penh

Next you’ll find airlines that offer flights  from Abakan to Phnom Penh. Consider their offers on and choose the optimal airline flight

The air fare Abakan – Cambodia may depend not only the departure/arrival date and time, but also on the carrier. Compare prices from different carriers that offer flights Abakan – Cambodia and choose the air fare you like most.

The following airlines offer flights Abakan – Cambodia, direct and connecting:

Flights with destination Phnom Penh

If finding a suitable and inexpensive last minute flight option for Abakan — Cambodia was not possible, consider an alternative: arriving there from a place close to your departure airport. Perhaps, it will help you organize your trip in the optimal manner. Besides, this is how you not only save on expenses and reach your travel goal, but also perhaps meet a new city you have never been to before.

Compare cheap air fares Abakan – Cambodia and Other cities — Phnom Penh and mae a booking of the flight you like most:

Cheap air tickets Abakan – Cambodia, Cambodia, start at 0

Accommodation expenses

Prepare for your trip to : compare prices for basic products

  • A cup of coffee
    A cup of coffee
    ~ 124.8
  • A loaf of bread
    A loaf of bread
    ~ 73.0
  • A beer
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  • Bus ticket
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Abakan — Phnom Penh direct flight

Direct flight is the most convenient way of traveling. More on air carriers that offer Abakan — Phnom Penh flights you find lower in the corresponding section.

Abakan — Phnom Penh connecting flight

If you failed to find a direct, last minute flight air ticket, there is always a plan B – connecting flight. If the transfer is at least 6 hours, your trip is going to be even more colorful – you are to see a new city or walk around a place you already know very well. Do not forget that the earlier you buy the ticket, the less the travel costs. And the closer to the departure date you do it, the less affordable it gets. Try to buy tickets Abakan — Phnom Penh in advance to be able to find the optimal solution – in terms of price, transfers and other parameters.

Phnom Penh in numbers

Prepare for your stay in Phnom Penh before buying a ticket Abakan — Phnom Penh: research about the local phone code, time zone and currency that can be bought in your departure country. More about it – on this page dedicated to this city.

General information on the flight Abakan — Phnom Penh


Abakan — Phnom Penh, distance: 4827.384765625 km

Abakan — Phnom Penh, flight duration: 6 h. 26 m.


Abakan, coordinates:

53.71 — Latitude.

91.42 — Longitude.


Located in: Russian Federation.


Phnom Penh, coordinates:

Latitude — 11.55.

Longitude — 104.917.


Located in: Cambodia.

Phnom Penh’s capital: Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh’s area: 181040 km2

Phnom Penh’s population: 13396000

Density: 73.99/km2


Phnom Penh’s phone Code: 855

Abakan airports from which Abakan — Phnom Penh flights depart

Flights Abakan — Phnom Penh depart from the following airports: Abakan

Choose the most convenient airport for a Abakan — Phnom Penh flight. Let us remind you that on you can filter your flight options by departure airport. It is there in order to help you build the itinerary most suitable for you, while travelling Abakan — Phnom Penh.

Airports where Abakan - Phnom Penh flights land

Flights Abakan — Phnom Penh arrive at the following airports: Phnom Penh.


Choose the most convenient airport for a Abakan — Phnom Penh flight. Let us remind you that on you can filter your flight options by arrival airport. It is there in order to help you build the itinerary most suitable for you, while travelling Abakan — Phnom Penh.